Pakistan has long remained the premier rice source due to its traditions & ideal growing conditions, that have helped her emergence as the largest supplier of fine quality of  
Basmati Rice - and of  late -  Super Colonel Rice. 


The treasure of gastromomer. The grain that is, extra-long, whole and slender, richly aromatic, exquisitely flavored, cholesterol- free and hygienically packed as Khazana (Treasure). Grown in the Punjab area, Khazana is processed in state of-the-art plant, and comes in consumer - friendly packs. The palates of the rice - lovers spread across Middle -East & the CIS countries are satiated with consumer packs, of Punjab, Tilda, Mezbaan, Ambassador, Caravan, Noor & Narang. 

A completely automatic and computerised plant located at circuler road 
in Narowal has been set up incorporating the latest technology in rice milling industry. From sourcing to milling and packaging, Narang Rice Traders ensures that only the finest rice eventually reaches the consumer. 

Best of paddy is bought by trained and experienced Narang Rice personnel who ensure that it is transported to the plant under stringent quality control measures. The paddy is then sent through dryers to obtain desired moisture level for milling. Insides the plant fully automatic machines clean, shell and polish the rice grains. 
Satakes computerised plant completes the process by selecting only the best grains for packaging and sale. 
At Narang Rice Quality is not just a buzz word it is a target that is met 365 days a year - 24 hours a day. 





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