Narang Rice Traders (Company Profile)  



The company was established in 1985. The Chief exective of the company is Muhammad Saleem Khan. He has the view that a business should have and as a patriotic person, his first goal is to revive the economic condition of Pakistan, due to this reason he launched a company named "Narang Rice Traders" for the betterment of Pakistan. Initially he faced many problems but he had commited for excellence and worked hard. Then he got the reward of his work and now the company is running very smoothly.

 The Dream 
A quarter of young Technocrats, dreamt up a vision. To aid the development of their land by transcending the external barriers of trade. To take pride in offering a humble helping hand to the people in fulfilling their economic aspirations together they planted a tiny corn. From this corn has grown a mighty Oak.  

Narang Rice Traders Concretizing the vision with more than Rs.10 million annual turnover, reversing singular lengths to reach inimitable heights of consumer satisfaction. Scrutinizing their every requirement, working in tandem with manufacturers for ensuring stringent quality control in order to deliver the exact specifications.  

Living up to the demands of its valued customers and for meeting the dynamic market needs, a large establishment comprising of high caliber team of 50 professionals was set up at Lahore & Canada, with accreditation from  Ministry of Foreign Economic Affairs to spread a world of satisfaction across the globe.  

  Internationally recognized Narang Rice Traders, when decided to start dealing in rice, it set itself two major objectives :  

-> To create a result oriented team of professionals who believe in  fast track growth and give their best ot match the World's best.  

-> To set most modern milling and processing facilities for catering to the needs of discerning customers in Pakistan and abroad. Where each grain would be selected for if it confirms to the world standards.

The above map shows the percentage growth rate of rice in Pakistan. Rice is been planted in June to August and it is harvested in October to December.

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Head Office : 
27, Multan Road, 
Near More Samanabad, 
Lahore, PUNJAB 
Phone :+ 92-042-7551927 
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